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Technology Consulting

Strategy Café's CIO/CTO Services Program brings Fortune 500 IT leadership experience to your company's executive team.

As an executive, you're faced with a constant need to project confidence and insight on a seemingly endless array of topics.

With the constantly shifting world of technology; however, maintaining a competent grasp of up to date practices and techniques can be a daunting if not impossible task.

Strategy Café offers executives a unique resource to face these challenges

Get the information you need to make informed choices and benefit from the control and managed spending provided by solid planning.

Do the people who support your technology listen to you? Do you waste precious resources purchasing technology you can't use, don't need or that doesn't fit your business goals? Get direction and innovation while reducing misunderstandings that cost valuable time, resources and opportunity.

Strategy Café engages each customer in an ongoing conversation about their business. We listen and facilitate a dialog from which ideas, insights and shared vision emerge. We offer insightful analysis, experienced advice and informed choices in conjunction with proactive budgets to put you in better control of your technology investment and make spending predictable.

Start a conversation today about how a rigorous technology strategy mapped to your company's vision can drive serious business.

Our "CIO/CTO-for-hire" capabilities give businesses the strategic and operational guidance to make informed IT decisions on an on-demand basis.

The beauty of the program is that it allows for flexibility and access to IT executive level experience without the need to bring on board resources full time.

We all know about the downward pressure on budgets in today's marketplace, which is why you decide on a set block of hours per month which gains access to the resources necessary to engage in problem solving discussions and strategic direction development.

Digital Marketing and Websites

When you are ready to market in the Digital Age

Interactive Ready Full Service Websites "Full Stack Digital Marketing." Is your website making you money or just costing you money?

Strategy Café is ready and waiting with proven website strategies to get the online part of your business back on track!

Reach new customers and convert more leads though expert website strategies and architected internet presence to drive and increase revenues.

At Strategy Café we deeply understand that the Web is not just an extension of your company. It's a powerful, efficient and cost-effective method to help orchestrate all aspects of your business. Our web development approach is designed to let you achieve your lead generation and sales goals.

Our Interactive Ready websites combine custom design with the power of search engine optimization to truly place your company on the map.

Network Planning and Engineering

Gain insight into your business as an integrated system comprised of people, process and technology. Gain a comprehensive overview of your company and then bridge trouble spots through a systemic approach designed to open the door towards holistic growth.

As a company grows, its technology tends to form in a hodgepodge manner. Oftentimes this is unavoidable, as the business is cash strapped and takes its upgrades where it can find it. Eventually, as maturity sets in, your technology can become a hindrance to the smooth operation of your company.

A Strategy Café Full Systems Assessment is the first step towards making your technology work for you again.

Technology Management Services.

Strategy Café's trusted team of professionals will set you free to do what you do best: Run your business!

Do you pay big bucks for tech support agreements only to wind up waiting days for a tech and grappling with problems on your own?

We understand that you need to spend time running your business. Not chasing technology problems. Our technology managers schedule weekly visits to your offices for consulting, planning and projects, and fix problems before they cost you money.

Why are we different?

We make every decision, analysis, and recommendation with one driving purpose. To give you the freedom to make informed technology choices.

Within the Strategy Café Technology Planning and Support Services, we do not represent any products other than our own talent and experience as technology professionals. We are not trying to sell you hardware, software, computers, servers, networks or routers.

We employ seasoned technology problem solvers who have solid project management experience and customer services skills in addition to solid technical ability.

Our planning approach to your technology investment incorporates the daily support of your business with the future direction of your business systems. We are your personal advocate for planning, delivering, managing and supporting your ongoing technology investment.

At Strategy Café, we have no agenda other than to help make your technology go away so that your and your staff can focus on running your business.