Techno Experts, People Friendly: Strategy Cafe is the expert technology team that believes every size business deserves the same level of advice, planning and customer service enjoyed by the largest of corporations.

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Strategy Café brings Fortune 500 experience and expertise in IT strategy, tech support and web design, development and marketing to businesses of all sizes. Unlike most tech firms out there, we believe our primary responsibility is helping our clients make strategic decisions and THEN working with them on efficiently implementing the solution.

Our people-friendly approach means you’ll get a trusted business IT partner. One you can ask questions without being bombarded by techno-speak. The Strategy Café way centers on open conversations, collaboration and creativity.


"We believe the successful small business owner is the creator, fulfiller and backbone of a thriving enterprising world."


"Everything we do everyday is in service of enterprising people with the vision, hunger and guts to hang out their shingles, own their destiny and thrive at doing what they love to do."

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